The Shauncast Ep 2.10 Ft. Girls with Brown Hair, Rudy Behrens, Matt Mayer

• January 22nd, 2014

It's the first episode of 2014!  This week, Rudy and Matt help me open up the show with way too much freestyle rapping.  Later, Rudy and I record a late night encounter with two girls we met at a shady bar (Becky Chicoine, Sam Schecter).  Don't forget to leave comments on Itunes!

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The Shauncast Ep 2.9 Ft. Rudy Behrens, Curtis Retherford, and David Bluvband

• December 30th, 2013

Like Beyonce, I'm dropping a surprise episode!  I'm back after a long hiatus and Rudy and I come out firing (drinking). I talk to two French song writers (Dave Bluvband, Curtis Retherford) and play a clip from my favorite Tampa talk radio show!  Also, listen for the rules to the 12 Beers a Slave Contest!!!  

Wake The Fuck Up!
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The Shauncast Ep 2.8 RUDECAST Ft. Rudy Behrens, Matt Cohen, Curtis Retherford, Sal Gentile, Keaton Patti, Sarah Durfee

• September 6th, 2013

Rudy takes over the show this episode! He interviews some recent contestants of the Family Feud (Sal Gentile, Keaton Patti) and then hold an open forum for the MTA (Curtis Retherford, Matt Cohen).  I'm not happy Rudy used all my stuff without asking............but he did a really good job! Goodnight Everybody.....

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The Shauncast Ep 2.7 Movies! Ft. Matt Starr, Johnna Scrabis, Matt Cohen, Curtis Retherford, & Rudy Behrens

• August 29th, 2013

Hi there close friends!  You. are. going. to. love. this. episode.  First, I talk to a couple master criminals (Matt Starr, Johnna Scrabis) about a bank heist. Then, we dive deep into the Matrix with some computer repair men (Matt Cohen, Curtis Retherford).  I also leave a message for Glenn Boozan and we know that's always fun! 

Goodnight Everyone!
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The Shauncast Ep 2.6 Ft. Dave Bluvband, Curtis Retherford, Matt Mayer, and Rudy Behrens

• August 12th, 2013

Hey listeners! We're back on this glorious evening to bring you Episode 2.6!  Johnie Kooze, the time traveling scum bag, is back to drop some revelations about our future.  But right now, your future is bright.  Goodnight Everybody!

(p.s. When I said your future is bright, I meant because you like the show. Also why haven't you liked the show on itunes yet?)
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The Shauncast Ep 2.5 - ft. Matt Cohen, Keaton Patti, Rudy Behrens

• August 2nd, 2013

It's late.  I'm drunk. WE BALLIN'.  This is some vintage Shauncast!  Rudy and I drink beer and talk about summer music.  Later, I help Matt Cohen contact his penpal (Keaton Patti) for the first time.  Goodnight Everyone (slurred)

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The Shauncast Ep 2.4 - THE BILL ENGVALL SHOW

• July 23rd, 2013

I'm finally back! It's finally here!.  It's the Bill Engvall Show Episode!  Take a listen to the table read of a Bill Engvall Spec script written by Mitch Fesh and JZT (John Townsend).

Featuring: Curtis Retherford, Matt Little, Karen Hammerberg, Billy Bob Thompson, Ben Warheit, Alexis Pereira, Shalyah Evans, and Nathan Min


The Shauncast Ep 2.3 ft. Nate Min, John Townsend, Fesh, Matt Little, Curtis Retherford, Ben Warheit

• June 4th, 2013

Season 2 Episode 3!  Get on board people! On this glorious episode, I try to interview Writer/Impressionist Nathan Min.  Things go a bit of the rails when my home is invaded by wrestlers.  Plus, The amazing Ben Warhiet helps me record a message I can use when I can't coach an improv team.  Does that make sense, cause it shouldn't.  As always, Rudy Behrens and I drink a lot of coffee. Goodnight Everyone!


The Shauncast Ep 2.2 Something New Ft. J.D. Amato, Matt Cohen, Curtis Retherford, Rudy Behrens

• May 22nd, 2013

Hey Guys!  Season 2 Episode 2 is here.  This week we try a more traditional podcast format.  Listen as my guests and I shoot the shit for an hour.  We talk Entourage, dreams, and ghosts.  While this conversation is happening, I can't stop playing sound effects.  (and yes I'm using the phrase "sound effects" wrong.  Despite being a terrible host, this episode is still hilarious!  Should we have planned this episode more?  You decide. Goodnight Everyone!!!

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The Shauncast Ep 2.1.5 Bonus! Ft. Greasy Lake

• May 22nd, 2013

Episode 2.1.5! Well, this is getting confusing, but FUNNY!  Here's a bonus clip featuring the guys of Greasy Lake (Anthony Apruzzese, Dan LoPreto, and John Purcell).  Look out for more from them in Season 2!

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